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The 1delta Manifesto: Mission, Vision, Values


Crypto promised us a revolution, an alternative to centralized systems that have failed us time and again. A revolt against the traditional structures that have remained unchallenged for generations.

At a time when blockchains were expensive and slow, centralized players like exchanges were key catalysts in propelling us into this new era. They served as the gateways to this new world and provided indispensable services. 

From the downfall of Mt. Gox to the collapse of FTX, centralized players have repeatedly displayed their flaws. DeFi on the other hand, Web3's native solution, has been stifled by expensive and slow infrastructure, leaving the centralized alternatives seemingly untouchable. 

But now, we stand on the verge of a new era with maturing liquidity protocols and scaling solutions that enable inexpensive and efficient DeFi systems. 

We believe it's time for a necessary change. Time to eliminate the systemic risk posed by centralized players and transition to DeFi.

Our Mission

As part of Web3’s mission of democratizing access to financial services, we are here to build a future where the digital economy thrives without centralization and economic collapses caused by centralized institutions become a thing of the past. The earlier we transition Web3 to decentralized finance, the earlier we see the dream of Web3 turn into reality.

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to DeFi and foster a robust decentralized economy.

Our Vision

We envision an open, transparent, and reliable brokerage protocol that provides access to the world’s liquidity, ensures best trade execution, and offers advanced features that makes centralized trading facilities obsolete.

The 1delta protocol is accessible to individuals, businesses, protocols, or financial service providers to bring crypto liquidity to traders around the world.

Our Values

Our commitment to this mission is rooted in our core values:

Access to Liquidity: We connect the world’s liquidity. 

Best Execution: We offer the best rates from the market.

Decentralization: We are committed to an open and decentralized financial system that builds an equitable and robust foundation for human civilization.

Open Access: We believe that open systems where everyone can contribute, collaborate, and innovate without restrictions bring the most value to humanity.

Innovation: We believe that only through continuous innovation we can deliver our other values to the market.