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Margin Trading Competition Guide

Dear competition participants, we have compiled the most important information for our first margin trading competition, which is scheduled to take place from February 3 to 17, 2024.

Important Dates

Registration: Open until the end of the competition

Start: February 3, 1 PM UTC
End: February 17, 1 PM UTC

Announcement of winners and payouts: February 19-25

Important Links

Announcements: 𝕏 

Support: Discord, Telegram

Web: Official Competition Page (Registration, Rules)

Statistics: Leaderboard

Entry Requirements

Registration: Sign up with your email and the wallet address used in the trading competition on the official website

Product: To participate in the competition, you must use 1delta Margin on Mantle using Lendle. The use of other products will not be considered for this event. 

Wallet: Use the wallet with the address provide during registration.

Minimum deposit: $20, either a new deposit worth $20+ was made during the competition or an  existing balance at the beginning of the competition exceeding $20. 

Video Tutorial


Deposit Information

  • Supported deposit assets as collateral: WBTC, WETH, METH, USDC, USDT, WMNT
  • Other assets can be swapped in a single transaction during the deposit process.
  • Deposits can be made at any time during the competition, with subsequent deposits being accounted for in the Profit and Loss (PnL) calculations until the competition ends.


  • Access: 1delta Leaderboard
  • Updates: The leaderboard gets updated daily.
  • Personal metrics: Real-time personal performance metrics include PnL in USD, PnL percentage, and trading volume.

PnL Calculation

  • The trading dashboard's side panel displays a 24h PnL, separate from the competition's metrics.
  • For competition-specific PnL, ensure your wallet is connected to view your performance on the Leaderboard page.


  • The total prize pool is $10,000 paid out in USDC, additional prizes, airdrops, and rewards are accounted separately.
  • Read more on the official website.


  • $2,500 worth of LEND tokens will be shared among all valid entrants of the competition.
  • Lendle’s Airdrop Rules apply.

Incentives for Early Participants

The first 100 sign-ups which enter the competition will receive 10 MNT at the end of the competition. Payouts will happen at the end of the competition.

Risk Warning

Trading digital assets involves significant risk. The value of your investment can fluctuate, and you may not get back the amount invested. It’s crucial to understand the risks involved and consult a financial adviser if necessary. Margin trading poses the risk of a total loss of funds. Additional risks of the underlying protocols and cyber risks can lead to a complete loss. Past performance is not indicative of future results.