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Going Mantle

We are excited to announce our upcoming expansion into the Mantle ecosystem, as 1delta brings its DeFi protocol to this new network. Our journey begins with a closed beta scheduled for early November, followed by a public release scheduled for late November.

For this expansion, 1delta is collaborating with some of the key players of this nascent ecosystem.


About 1delta

1delta is currently pioneering margin trading in DeFi, offering the first margin trading protocol that allows users to build margin positions with a single click, eliminating the need for manual looping.

The 1delta protocol is composed of lending and exchange protocols, aggregating their liquidity to provide the best possible rates in DeFi. The protocol is composable itself, allowing third parties to build new protocols and applications based on this new money lego. 

All deposits are made directly into the lending protocol, reducing smart contract risk as much as possible.

To learn more about 1delta, we invite you to explore the following articles:


Mantle is an EVM-compatible L2 on Ethereum, launched in July 2023, featuring a modular architecture, optimistic roll-ups, and a decoupled data availability layer, resulting in high scalability and low transaction fees. 

Mantle was originally initiated by BitDAO in 2022, the largest DAO by treasury size with $2.5B in liquid assets. In May 2023, BitDAO merged with Mantle under a single token and a single brand.

BitDAO, now part of the Mantle brand, is backed by industry leaders such as Peter Thiel, Pantera Capital, and Dragon Capital.

We believe that there is an opportunity in expanding its presence to this early ecosystem, as Mantle brings the technical and economical prerequisites to become a significant network.

Lending Partner

1delta is collaborating with Lendle, the leading lending protocol on Mantle for the provision of liquidity for the margin positions on this network. 

Lendle features liquidity pools with over $3M in liquidity for the following assets:

  • USDC
  • USDT
  • WMNT
  • WBTC
  • WETH

1delta will help Lendle users to greatly simplify more advanced use cases such as building leveraged positions and yield farming, making Lendle’s liquidity accessible to new customer segments. 


1delta will launch its beta with an integration of FusionX and will add more DEXs in the future.

1delta features its own route optimizer that will offer the best exchange rate on Mantle to its users. This is done by considering multihop swaps and split routes across the most liquid DEXs available.

Best Rates

The low borrow rates allow traders to build inexpensive positions compared to perps. On Mantle, the ultra-low trading fees make DeFi trading attractive even for smaller trades.

You can find a fee calculator on our website.

Enabling Advanced Yield Farming

1delta builds 1-click positions in lending protocols, allowing users to borrow and supply in a way that provides a positive yield. As a margin trading protocol, 1delta can build leveraged positions, amplifying the yield, all without manual looping. This enables advanced yield-farming strategies such as leveraged stakingall through the 1delta interface.

Future Roadmap

At 1delta, we have a dense roadmap to improve the trading experience with key features and UX optimizations, with the goal to offer a CeFi-like experience based on decentralized technology.

The availability of assets is primarily dictated by the availability of liquidity pools on Mantle, expecting that this young but well-funded ecosystem will add a large amount of assets in the coming years.

Get Started 

With 1delta, you can easily build a margin position with any asset available on Lendle or execute advanced yield-farming strategies with ease.

To get started, check out the 1delta dapp, or sign up to our Mantle beta program.

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