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Maximizing mETH Rewards & Eigenlayer Airdrop


Mantle has developed its own Liquid Staking Protocol (LSP) that reached $2B in TVL by March 2024, offering around 7.2% yield on staking ETH and additional rewards from the Eigenlayer airdrop. This article shows you how to increase your rewards further using 1delta Margin.

What Is Mantle LSP?

Mantle LSP is a permissionless, non-custodial ETH liquid staking protocol deployed on Ethereum L1 and governed by Mantle. Mantle Staked Ether (mETH) serves as the value-accumulating receipt token, similar to Lido’s stETH. By sharing the yield that the Mantle Treasury obtains by staking its ETH, mETH’s objective is to maintain the highest sustainable core yield.

Eigenlayer Airdrop

Mantle is staking 100,000 of its mETH on Eigenlayer, with the resulting rewards to be distributed among mETH holders on the Mantle Network. This means the more mETH you are holding on Mantle, the more you will benefit from the Eigenlayer airdrop.

With 1delta, you can increase your mETH holdings in your wallet for Mantle's snapshots, thereby maximizing your Eigenlayer rewards. For instance, you can deposit 1 mETH as collateral on 1delta, and buy an additional 4 mETH (long position) by borrowing 4 WETH (short position). This way you can hold up to five times the amount of mETH.


The delta-neutral position longing mETH and shorting WETH can be directly performed on lending protocols, all without manual looping.

  1. Bridge assets to the Mantle Network
    1. Mainnet Bridge
    2. Symbiosis 
    3. Stargate 
    4. Squid 
  2. You can swap mETH at the best rates using our swap aggregator or swap during the deposit step.
  3. Open 1delta Margin with this link: Short WETH / Long METH
  4. If you deposit 1 mETH, you can borrow up to 4 mETH to multiply your mETH holdings

This way, you will end up with the following positions:

  • 5 mETH long
  • 4 WETH short 

Lender Rewards

Lendle is currently offering additional incentive rewards in the form of their token $LEND, further increasing the yield of this strategy.

More information can be found in our Yield Matrix.


With this treasure trove of opportunities, don't hesitate to maximize your mETH holdings, multiply your Eigenlayer rewards, and earn some additional rewards from the lending protocol.

Start using 1delta now. 

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