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Introducing Spot Trading

We are excited to announce that 1delta is expanding the product offering with spot trading, allowing users to buy and sell assets at the best price, starting today with a closed beta on Mantle.


To make our next step toward decentralizing crypto trading, we are introducing a spot trading interface based on our meta aggregator, providing access to all major liquidity pools to enable best execution of swaps for our traders.

1delta Product Line

1delta has consistently been at the forefront of DeFi innovation, offering native margin trading and leveraged yield farming based on our own protocol. The introduction of spot trading adds to this robust toolkit for DeFi traders, allowing users to perform swaps at the best rates from a single interface.

Partner Protocols

Our spot trading feature is a meta aggregator, which has already been in use in our margin trading protocol, seamlessly combining the liquidity from major decentralized exchanges like iZUMi Finance, AGNI Finance, Fusion X, Swapsicle, and soon also Merchant Moe. By pooling these liquidity pools, 1delta offers the best swap rates on Mantle, packaged in a convenient, unified interface.

Future Outlook

1delta is committed to continual growth and innovation. The introduction of spot trading is just one of many steps in our journey to make DeFi accessible to the masses and fulfill our mission of accelerating the transition to DeFi.

There are many features in the pipeline to provide the best DeFi trading experience accessible from a single interface and we will gradually roll out the spot trading on many more networks over the course of next year.

Our community program is also on the way, so stay in touch to be the first to know.


The launch of spot trading on 1delta marks a new era for us. We invite our community to engage with this exciting new feature, starting with early access to our beta program today. 

Join us in shaping the future of crypto trading!

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